Random, Unrelated Sentences.

The second rebellion happened more quickly.  But it was quelled, just as the first.


Don’t question your instincts, just don’t let them always be your answer.


The less you think about what I’ve done, the better.  I was never the man you needed me to be.


Today was nice enough to stay judgment on tomorrow.


The mice congregated in silence.  They only wanted silence.


She was told she was resistant to the disease, and so became resistant to the cure as well.


It is possible to travel the world and never leave home.  Home is where you are comfortable.


The method you choose is more important than the calculations you make.


Don’t tell Popeye, but there are more than seven seas out there.


Speak with confidence when you are confident.  Speak with measure when you are not.


Physicists are the legal scholars of reality.


You can never convert your enemy, but you may convert his friends.


Though the rivers may be frozen, the ice is as dangerous as the water.

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One Response to Random, Unrelated Sentences.

  1. aishawa says:

    Um…. Many of these sentences looked like they had the potential to be part of stories, but for the most part, I’m just confused. They were interesting, though.

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