So the Corporal Stays a Corporal

If there’s one thing that Monty Python has taught me, it’s the entire script to “Holy Grail.”  If there’s another thing, it’s that I should always look on the bright side of life (doo-doot, doo doot doo-doo, doo doot).

So I’m not going to officer’s course in the near future.  Which *probably* means I’m not doing it at all.  I think I’d have prefered it if it was just because of language, but my sgan aluf (lieut. col., for English speakers) seems to think that from what he sees of me, I’m not good enough at managing other people.  Which I disagree with, but obviously I’m going to disagree with him, and I don’t really have any way of *proving* that I’m good at managing people in a way that means anything to him.  All I can say is that I think I don’t really get much opportunity to do so in my position (which I don’t), and that part of what he sees as being a closed person is a manifestation of me being uncomfortable with the language, which is going to go away at *some* point, whether it likes it or not.

(note: I fully accept that part of what he sees as me being a closed person is that I’m a goddamn closed person.  In most situations, though, I can compensate for that by being confident that I *can* speak in the instances when I *need* to.)

But this post isn’t about complaining.  I do think there’s merit in what he says, and he does know the army better than I do.  I just disagree.  It happens.  This post was supposed to be about… wait, gimme a second to scroll up… oh yeah, the bright side of life! Doo-doot, doo doot doo-doo, doo doot!

The decision’s been made.  I can make plans for the next couple of months now.  And it looks like I’m going to have the time to participate in next semester’s production of (probably) “Blithe Spirit”.

The director, who reads this blog, should know that just because I was turned down for officer training does not mean that I’ve gone insane, and that I used the term “participate in” very deliberately.  She and I will discuss what that does and does not mean at some later date.  Or possibly in about an hour and a half.  Who knows?

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3 Responses to So the Corporal Stays a Corporal

  1. Carlos says:

    I reread the beginning four time before I realized what was bothering me. The tune is off. It should be more like this:

    Doo doot doo doot, doo-doo doo doo-doot, doo doot, doo doot doo doot doo doot.

    • fishamaphone says:

      No it shouldn’t. It’s just the whistle, ’cause the lyrics are already there. If *anything,* it should be: Always look on the bright side of life, doo doot, doo doot doo doot doo doot. But that doesn’t give enough variation between the sounds to make a discernible text-tune. Realistically, the issue at hand here is that “doo-doot” doesn’t emulate the sound a whistle makes at all well, but “shi-shiip” seemed like an inappropriate choice of onomatopoeia, and “doo-doot” at the very least conveys accurately the mood of the tune being sung, if not the sound itself.

      Conveying instrumental music through text is a very serious undertaking, and shouldn’t be approached haphazardly. Care needs to be taken in every decision made, from which notes to bridge (which may not match bridged notes on the sheet music) to where you decide to break a measure (which may not have anything to do with where the measure actually is). Often even the most expert music-to-text translators will put something out and nobody will even be able to discern the tune without audio hints. Other times, a tune can be “read” that was never intended to be written. These are the dangers of representing tones as words, but it’s something that comes with the territory, and it’s something that all of us must accept if we are to be able to get along with one another, and develop this world into a better place than it was when we entered it.

      Wouldn’t you agree, ah, “Carlos?”

  2. aishawa says:

    Well, I’m sorry if you’re sorry that you didn’t get into the officer training course. On the plus side, I DO like seeing previous BIAS people in BIAS again, so I look forward to that. Cheers.

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