Bachelor Party

So I’m playing my first LAN game since high school with two friends, three acquaintances, and one guy I don’t know.  Warcraft 2.  A game that was a bit outdated even back when I was in high school.  And the computer I’m using crashed in the middle of the game right when I started to get upgrades.  That was a few minutes ago.  I just restarted and decided to make a blog post about it.

This place has been really autobiographical lately.  I need to make a point of writing some fiction in the near future.

Anyway, this LAN party doubles as a bachelor party.  Which brings to mind an interesting question.  See, before tonight I hadn’t really considered the possibility of a bachelor party that wasn’t just beer and strippers.  That’s Hollywood’s influence for you.  But it makes sense that not every guy is into the beer-and-strippers scene, and so their party would be tailored for them.

So what would mine be like?  Granted, I wouldn’t be the one planning it, but how would whoever I get to run it figure out what I’d want?  Assuming, of course, there comes a time when I actually do get married.

Now, I fantasize a lot.  I fantasize about things that will never happen, like when I was a senior in high school and kept practicing a Valedictorian speech despite those two times I flunked chemistry and the one time I flunked physics.  I also fantasize about things that might happen, but if I tell anyone about them they’re less likely to, like that time when… hey, wait a minute, I’m not falling for that one!  And then there’s a third category: things that become more likely to happen the more I talk about them.

I think this fits into that third category.

So yeah, if I were to ever have a bachelor party, the first thing I imagine it would need to involve is a Disney movie.  Whatever’s current in the theaters.  Pixar is preferable, and in the absence of either, the best-looking family movie.  Bonus points for seeing it on premiere night.

But that’s just the first thing that pops in my head, and certainly a movie does not qualify as a party in and of itself.  I suppose a pinata should be involved as well.  One that’s filled with good candy, not just generic sugar stuff.  A pinata should be at the wedding too, come to think of it.

Alright: movie, pinata, what else?  Karaoke.  Obviously.  That doesn’t need any explanation.

After karaoke, I imagine people will start to head their separate ways.  But some will stay.  At this point there really isn’t anything planned, per se, so whoever’s left will probably sit around a table or on couches or whatever and tell old stories about each other.  This would be the point where I really start introducing my older friends to my newer friends: while both groups are busy making fun of *me.*  I imagine this could last hours.  I imagine my friends would get along with each other.  I imagine I’d be sitting there, surrounded by people who represent almost every period of my life for me up to that point, and just soak it in.

And then, as the sun begins to peek out over the horizon and the morning birds start to call, that’s when they break out the coke and hookers.

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3 Responses to Bachelor Party

  1. Chava says:

    Will you please bring a pinata to my wedding?

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