The Girl and the Goop Turtle

So usually it’s not the best idea to relay dreams because they always seem cooler in your head, but this one… I feel like it should be symbolic of something, but I have no idea what.

There are a few key elements.  There was a woman performing, who in my head was presented as evil.  She had what she called a “goop turtle.”  It looked like a normal turtle, but moved like it was made out of liquid.

She gave me a large amount of pins, and told me to put them in the goop turtle.  I didn’t, but I had no place to put the pins, so I put them on the ground.  They spread out, going all over the floor, and the turtle stepped on one, popping and spreading out over the floor, itself.

Then there was the girl.  She was strange, like she didn’t belong with us.  Like in mermaid movies, when they become human but don’t really act exactly human.  She started to eat the goop turtle from off of the ground.  Someone said it was supposed to taste like eggplant.

I wanted to find out the secrets of the goop turtle, so I made my way into the dungeon, at one point having to climb a ladder at an inverted angle.  I fell.  But when I fell, it wasn’t me that fell: it was Strong Bad.

Then I woke up.

I don’t usually remember stupid dreams.  I feel like, as dumb as this one sounds, there has to be a deeper meaning to it.  I mean, turning into Strong Bad was clearly a defense mechanism so I don’t feel like I, myself, am dying.  But the rest: I just can’t figure out what it means.

Another thing I usually don’t do is post right at the moment I wake up.  I hope this is coherent…

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