Songs that I Suddenly Want to Download

The original “Go-Go” Power Rangers theme song – both the 30-second TV version and the 3-minute movie version.  They each have their time and place.  And the overlap is my bachelor party.  Short version for pinata, long version for karaoke.  No song with lyrics that corny (“they know to only use their weapons for defense”) has any right to be that awesome.

Captain Planet theme – For as amazing as the opening animation for this show was, the closing animation was… rather disappointing to my significantly-younger self.  Clips from the show stretched vertically and split into three frames?  I never liked that.  But the closing song totally made up for it.

“Rock the Dragon” Dragon Ball Z theme – Huh, you think there’s a, uh, theme going on here?  No mid-90’s corporate-produced pop-metal cartoon theme should be this cool.  I feel like whoever came up with this song understood exactly the audience they should target to bring this show to the US: twelve year-olds who have tennis practice on Saturday mornings.

“Ready-Steady Go” Fullmetal Alchemist theme – The song just makes me want to break out into a sprint.  Problematic considering the vast majority of time I’ve heard it was in my bedroom.

Random Korean band’s cover of New Found Glory’s version of “Over the Rainbow” – I don’t remember how I ran into this, but the Koreans managed to match the NFG version note for note, beat for beat, at the same exact speed.  Like, I’ve tried to synch them up before, and until the bridge they’re identical.  But somehow the Korean version just sounds… better.  Maybe it’s the endearing way they mispronounce all the words, I don’t know.

Ghostbusters theme – But only so that I can change all the lyrics to be appropriate for Blithe Spirit.

Every song from Eurovision 1979 – There was a while back when I was absolutely obsessed with this year of Eurovision.  It really was an incredible year, and I like some of the bottom-five songs better than a lot of songs that have *won* other Eurovision years.  Plus, it is this year of Eurovision that allows me to legitimately use the phrase “I’ve heard music played on gardening equipment that sounds better than this garbage.”

Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera – No real explanation for this one.  Just a strange urge.  It kinda came out of the blue.

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