Up-sides of Being Sick

Nobody likes being sick, but sometimes the symptoms are pretty cool, and as much as I’m glad to be healthy again, I feel a little sad when those cool symptoms slowly recede.  I think to myself “why didn’t I appreciate them when I had them?”  The answer, of course, is because I was sick.  But that’s never an acceptable answer, is it?

A few years ago, I randomly lost my voice.  “Oh cool,” I thought to myself, “I lost my voice.”  I didn’t even feel sore or anything.  Just suddenly sounds were not coming out of my mouth when I tried to make them.  That night I was at a party where someone started up a storytelling game.  Genius that I was, I participated probably more than anyone else.  Kind of an amazing feat with no voice.

I woke up the next day, and I still had no voice.  Slightly more than I’d had the previous night, but not by a statistically significant amount.  “I wonder how well I sing like this,” I thought to myself.  (in case anyone is curious, this is how well I sang like that)

I went over a couple different songs, each a couple times.  And the more I sang, the easier it got.  And I got a little upset.  Towards the end I was faking being hoarser than I was, and that was just no fun.

Similarly, I was sick this week.  Which was an interesting story in and of itself, because most people associate cold, muggy weather with high likelihood of catching a cold.  But I got sick when it was hot and dusty, and only started getting better when it started getting cold and muggy.  Like, the night when it started raining, I was having trouble sleeping up until I started hearing rain outside, and suddenly I could breathe more easily and I fell asleep.  I spent half of today, the coldest day in over a month, outside and in shorts and sandals, and I’ve only kept feeling better.

Up to and including this funny feeling in my chest that I got when I breathed.  I’m not entirely sure what the feeling is.  I remember getting it a lot when I was a little kid, but not really paying attention to it until a long period where I never felt it at all, and then one Summer afternoon after playing in the water sprinkler all day where I felt it again.  I associated it for a while with being cold and wet.  But I think it’s probably a sign of damage to my windpipe, and means that simply breathing is an irritation.

Which means that, logically, I should want this sensation to go away, because holy hell do I not want to deal with the consequences of my throat being constantly irritated and damaged.  That’s just asking for problems.  But on the other hand, this is such a cool feeling.  And this is the first time I’ve felt it since I was a kid.  Who knows when I’ll get another chance to experience this?  I’m sure as hell not going to try and induce it.  Like I said, that’s asking for problems.

The thing is, I don’t get sick easily either.  Only when I’m really (really) over-tired or about to do something that would suck to be sick during.

So I’ve kinda got to cherish my time being sick.  Tomorrow when I wake up, I probably won’t even have a cough any more.  And I’ll be happy.

But I’ll also be sad.

Goodbye funny little upper-chest feeling.  I hope to meet you again some day soon, and yet I hope you never ever come back to grace my life with your presence.

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