Blithe Spirit

I know this place has been pretty bare recently.  There are a few reasons for that, but the big one for the last week or so has been…


Yes, the Noel Coward masterpiece, directed by Tammy Levitt and produced by some guy who hasn’t updated his blog in forever, is finally going up on June 5th, 6th, and 9th.

Early in rehearsals for the last play I told a castmate, who was a first-time actor, that over the course of the play he would experience every emotion he’s capable of at the play.  Sometimes it would make him angry.  Sometimes it would make him frustrated.  Sometimes it would make him uneasy.

But other times, it would make him euphoric.  And other times, it would make him proud.  And other times, it would make him get to that place where something doesn’t even have to be funny to get you to crack up in uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Over the course of a single day last week, while I was trying to make sure our ad ended up in the newspaper, between problems with file formats, as my building being evacuated, just before a wedding that I needed to get to, I think I felt all of those.

And now today, as people start calling me from an ad they read in the newspaper, as I start handing out fliers to co-workers, as I put up posters, I’m feeling only that second list.  And maybe a few other positive-sounding words too.

And I’m excited.  The show is going up in less than a week.  It was only last week that the audition poster I hung up near my apartment was completely covered up by other people’s advertisements, just in time for me to hang up a show poster, but auditions seem so long ago.

We’ve had problems, we’ve had setbacks, but it all comes to a crescendo on Sunday night, and quite suddenly, I can’t wait.

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