I like listening to people sing badly.

With a caveat.  I don’t like listening to *anyone* sing badly.  And I don’t like to listen to bad music.  But most people, even if they can’t keep a pitch and even if their voice just doesn’t sound good, are capable of some form of vocal, musical expression that conveys beauty.

Which is one of the reasons I like Jimmy Buffet.  He’s at his best when a chorus of drunken people who aren’t entirely sure what verse they’re on is backing him up.

You know it gets so damn lonely
When you’re on a plane alone
But if I had the money, honey, I’d strap you in beside me
And never ever leave you,
A-leave you back home all alone and crying.

It’s also one of the reasons that, even though it’s his one song that’s been badly diluted by too many contexts, Piano Man is still one of my favorite Billy Joel songs.

And the piano, it sounds like a carnival
And the microphone smells like a beer
And they sit at the bar
And put bread in my jar
And say, “man, what are you doing here?”

But there’s a song that predates both of those for me.  But, in contrast to the two above, it is best sung while *not* drunk.  Most people know it because of The Carpenters, but The Carpenters covered it.  I don’t think the original group uses it all that much anymore, which is a shame.  It’s an ensemble group that’s been performing continuously for decades.  You probably know a lot of the individual members.  They go by names like Bob, and Grover… and Big Bird…

La la la-la la,
La-la la la-la la 
La la la-la la la

Sing a song
Sing out loud
Sing out strong
Sing of good things, not bad
Sing of happy, not sad

Sing a song
Make it simple
To last your whole life long
Don’t worry that it’s not good enough
For anyone else to hear
Just sing
Sing a song

If you look for ugliness, you’ll find ugliness despite the beauty that may surround it.  But if you look for beauty, all you’ll find is the beautiful.

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