Thoughts on a Plane

I always forget to pack something, and if I’m lucky, it’s something as inconsequential as this: my notebook and pen.  That’s why it took me about halfway through my flight before I started taking notes of interesting stuff with my phone.   S’ok.  That still means ten hours of random thoughts.

“Drinks car rolls by, I see the Mott’s Tomato Juice can, it makes me think of ‘MOTT’S APPLESAUCE payments’ and I laugh.  Flight attendant asks me if the movie is funny.”

“Went to the lavatory, made faces in mirror and improvised death metal about a chicken as I washed my hands.”

“Jennier Aniston is in an Adam Sandler film.  When is it Lisa Kudrow’s turn?”

“Billboard in ATL: ‘Atlanta’s hometown airline for 70 years.’  Attaboy, Delta, that will totally make us forget you’re a crappy airline.”

“I tell the six  year old next to me that his shirt is like Duck Tales, then remember that not only is Duck Tales before his time, it’s also before the 16 year-old in front of me was born.”

“Holy crap, black people that don’t speak with an Ethiopian accent!” 

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2 Responses to Thoughts on a Plane

  1. Etta says:

    Duck tales was the best. When did we become geezers?

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