Context later, maybe

I own the following Animorphs books:

#3 – The Encounter

#4 – The Message

#5 – The Predator

#8 –  The Alien

#11 – The Forgotten

#13 – The Change

#18 – The Decision

#24 – The Suspicion

#26 – The Attack

#28 – The Experiment

#29 – The Sickness

#31 – The Conspiracy

#32 – The Separation

#33 – The Illusion

#34 – The Prophecy

#35 (x2 for some reason) – The Proposal

#36 – The Mutation

#37 – The Weakness

#38 – The Arrival

#39 – The Hidden

#40 – The Other

#41 – The Familiar

#42 – The Journey

#43 – The Test

#44 – The Unexpected

#45 – The Revelation

#46 – The Deception

#47 – The Resistance

#48 – The Return

#50 – The Ultimate

Megamorphs #4 – Back to Before

The Dot and The Line – Strictly speaking, not an Animorphs book, but an absolute necessity for any library.

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4 Responses to Context later, maybe

  1. Ziv Wities says:

    I have no idea what the context is, but I heartily approve this post.

    Also, I’m warning you here and now that BIAS does NOT have quite the budget necessary for the SFX required for an Animorphs dramatization.

  2. fishamaphone says:

    Okay, now you’ve got me thinking about how I could pull off an Animorphs dramatization where all the animal sequences happen offstage, BUT the above was just me doing an inventory as I was packing away all my books for storage on the off-chance that at some point I might want to buy all the Animorphs books that I don’t have from Ebay without having to unpack a bunch of stuff to check out what I need.

    I ended up having a lot fewer books than I was expecting. I guess I did a lot more borrowing from friends than I thought I did.

  3. Ido says:

    What’s Animorphs?


    • fishamaphone says:

      Young adult science fiction book series from the mid-late 90’s. A group of teenagers were granted the power to morph into any animal they can touch (thus the name) by a dying alien who was trying to stop the invasion of Earth by a parasitic race of sluglike aliens that enter your ear and control your body. So now it’s up to the five kids (and later on, four kids and a hawk, then even *later* later on, four kids, a hawk, and aforementioned dying alien’s little brother) to stop an invasion that’s already in its advanced stages without anyone on Earth even knowing it.

      The series ran for several years, with a new book in the series coming out roughly every month if I remember correctly. It was never *hugely* popular and it wasn’t very big outside of the US if I remember correctly, so not too big a deal that you never heard of it.

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