The Week After Next

Next week I’ll be performing in the Bar Ilan Acting Society’s production of “Rumors.” (go buy tickets!)  Next week I’ll also be finishing my army service.

It’s kind of a big week.

We’ve been rehearsing like crazy all this week, and I’ve been moderately exhausted.  But next week the show goes up.  I also had my last shmira on base this week, and have been winding things down over there.  But next week everything ends.

So what do I do the week after?

1) Stop shaving.

2) Start really, *really* looking for a job.

3) Figure out if I have enough civilian clothes to wear for a whole week.

4) Buy more civilian clothes.

5) Write more.

6) Investigate compatibility between #5 and #2.

7) Investigate compatibility between #2 and #1.

8) Walk.  Everywhere.

9) Run some places.

10) Worry.

11) Write more.

12) Investigate compatibility between #11 and #5.

13) Figure out who the hell Harold Green is.

14) Oh wait, never mind.

15) Breathe.

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