I Love Jews Just the Way You Are

I was in a weird mood yesterday.  This is to the tune of Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are.”  Don’t look at me like that, I don’t know how it happened.  It just did.

Don’t feel shameful when you’re with me
I will support you through and through
Even if I sometimes can’t see
Why you do the things you do

If you’re fleishig when lunch is cheesy
I’ll cook you something else or starve
No one said that this would be easy
I love Jews just the way you are

Keep on tying your mitpachat
I know you wear it with such care
And I’m not one to stand and balk at
How you choose to cloak your hair

I know your wardrobe is concealing
Your modesty goes on so far
So while I hope I’m not too revealing
I love Jews just the way you are

Although I know that you will always keep
The halachot you always have
Is it okay that I’m still chiloni
If I’m respectful of your path?

(clarinet solo)

You perform Tashlich, ’cause that’s your minhag
I’ll watch you while I’m in my car
But I’ll wait right there like your loyal sheep dog
I love Jews just the way you are


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