I Light a Candle

It’s been nine years since Steven passed away.  That’s a lot of time.  I think I’ve had all the thoughts I’m ever going to have about him, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop thinking about him, that he’s going to stop being a part of my life.

So this afternoon, I lit a candle for him.  Because I felt like I should do something.  I don’t know any prayers, so I didn’t say any.  I just lit it, and now it’s sitting there, burning in my living room as I go about my day.  But just that simple action, having that candle out, makes me pause every so often.  Here or there, I look at it, and I think about what it stands for.

It reminds me to think of him today.  Even though they’re old thoughts.  Even though I’ve had so many new thoughts in the last few months that overpower those old thoughts.  It’s important for me to think them again today.  In between talking on the phone or making a sandwich.  Just keeping him in my subconscious.

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