Oh wow.  Just remembered what I wrote here.


So this was initially the plan, but somehow I sort of drifted away from it.  This blog is supposed to be a fun project, so if I feel constrained at all by it then I need to remove those constraints.  I still like the idea of “Fiction, Almost Fiction, and Fact,” so I’m keeping the name of the blog, but seeing as I’ve stopped tagging posts entirely, the below categories don’t really make sense.

I’m keeping them here for posterity, or until I come up with a better idea.

An Explanation

Fiction: These posts are drawn entirely from my head.  They may be complete stories, parts of stories, or just interesting vignettes.  They might reflect reality, but they aren’t real, and shouldn’t be interpreted as having any connection to actual events.  Pretty straightforward.

Almost Fiction: Generally my musings.  I like to wax poetic a lot, so I’ll take actual thoughts I’ve had, actual experiences of mine, and use a little artistic license.  Sometimes I’ll argue for positions that I entirely disagree with, just because I think something might be interesting to read.  Take these posts as the internal monologue of someone who isn’t me, but a person I might believably play on stage.

Fact: Ah, now here’s the tricky one.  “Fact” here does not mean that the post is the absolute truth.  What it means is that the post is based entirely in reality.  It may be anything from just a straight list of things which are true, to an entirely subjective opinion or analysis.  Heck, it may even be a straight list of things that are false, but I think are true.  The point is that a “Fact” post is genuinely coming from me, with no artistic embellishments.


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