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The Girl and the Goop Turtle

So usually it’s not the best idea to relay dreams because they always seem cooler in your head, but this one… I feel like it should be symbolic of something, but I have no idea what. There are a few … Continue reading

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What I Think About Me Being Religious

So since I mentioned this as being “complicated and interesting and a subject for possibly another post” a few days ago, I’ve actually been thinking about it a lot.  I figure this is an appropriate topic for a Friday.  If … Continue reading

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“Ah, That Silly Secular Guy”

There’s a story I’ve been meaning to tell two particular people for just over a month now.  I feel like they deserve to hear this story: they seemed so excited to have a secular person over for Shabbat.  What kind … Continue reading

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Why My Mom is the Coolest Mom in the World

So I’ve been hanging out with a lot of religious people in the last couple months.  A lot of you guys probably know that.  If you read this blog, most likely you *are* one of those religious people.  You weirdos. … Continue reading

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Term Limits

(Warning: long and rather political, although I try to stay objective.) Alright, this is sort of coming out of left field.  I wanted to post about the period of time between my last post and now, which has been interesting, … Continue reading

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Re-learning Guitar

So there’s this thing, with these old people.  They’re really cool old people, but when half my conversations with them end up being about either their kid who’s my age or how they’re looking forward to retirement (or backwards on … Continue reading

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Officer Course?

Alright, I’m going to whine a little more about the army.  Watch out. So next week my officer is going to talk to the officer’s office (that makes more sense in Hebrew) to see what my options are for trying … Continue reading

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